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    Welcome to MosquitoInfo.info, a resource site for learning about the pesky insects known to wreak havoc on humans trying to enjoy some time outdoors. Our articles will education you, among other things, on how to get rid of mosquitoes and go back to enjoying your time outdoors.
    Unfortunately, mosquito bites are pretty tough to avoid altogether, especially in the summer months where we leave much of our skin exposed. Thankfully, the painful and itchy bites are treatable. Knowing how to treat mosquito bites can go a long way towards alleviate the symptoms of a bite. The remedies are often simple and cheap as well.

    Humans are not the only creatures who take preference to extinguishing mosquitoes. Dragonflies are sometimes referred to as mosquito hawks for their habit of making dinner out of them. Other insects, like the crane fly, are errantly thought to eat mosquitoes as well.

    Mosquitoes have been a popular subject in the news over the last several years as they are capable of transmitting diseases. Yellow fever, malaria, and dengue fever are a few of the diseases known to be transmitted to humans through a mosquito bite. Much ado is typically made about West Nile virus outbreaks each summer. However, the media has a tendency to create more scare regarding this disease than is needed. It’s okay to venture outside of the house during a West Nile outbreak; the symptoms of the disease are typically mild. Four in five people infected with the virus will never notice a single symptom. In rare cases, the disease can cause serious illness. This is most typical in cases when the subject’s health was poor prior to the infection.

    A life with mosquitoes might be less than convenient, but it’s manageable and a great deal better than the life of a mosquito. They have very short life-spans with males living just a week on average while females can survive for about a month. It is the females who are most hungry for your blood. They need it to produce viable eggs in their short time on this earth.