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    Its summer once more and you’re taking your time out to relax in your own yard. Suddenly out of nowhere, something bites you. You may start itching and then you get bitten again and then again. Yep, those annoying mosquitoes are back again. So what can we do about these mosquitoes and the harm they are doing to us?

    Mosquitoes have been in existence for more than millions of years. These insects have multiple sensors on their small bodies which enables them to seek out human beings in order attack. These mosquitoes will then hatch from eggs which will then need some water to develop. When these mosquitoes have completed their respective lifecycles leading them on into becoming adults, they will then leave the water. An interesting fact that people are unaware of is the fact that only the female mosquito bites. She needs blood as a source of protein for her eggs. The male mosquito just depends on plant nectar to survive.

    The first thing you should do to defend yourself from mosquitoes is to avoid the mosquitoes in the first place. Stay away from all the perfumes and strong hairsprays during the summer. Insect repellents like DEET also tend to be quite effective as well. Long sleeves and pants should be worn when you can afford to wear them and you should refrain from staying outdoors except in periods between dusk and dawn. Dusk and dawn is the optimal period for mosquitoes and they tend to move about more during these periods. You should also endeavor to drain any standing water on your immediate property as mosquitoes tend to depend on water for their life cycles. You should also try to repair or install screens on the windows and doors of your home as well. Taking two tablets of Vitamin B-1 on a daily basis may also serve as an effective repellent of these pests.

    If you end up getting bitten by mosquitoes you can easily use a variety of remedies to sort out the discomfort that has been caused by their stings. Rather than scratching the affected areas you should try hitting them instead. Scratching is what causes the swelling in the first place. An ice pack is also an effective measure in dealing with the symptoms and you may also use cool compresses as well. Calamine and anti-itching lotions which contain at least 1% hydrocortisone will also help as well to relieve the symptoms of itching. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as anti-histamines will help in controlling any exhibited symptoms.

    Other remedies which can easily be found in your home include mint toothpaste which happens to be the best known of these remedies. When this is applied to the infected area, the itching and welling may be relieved as well. By placing rubbing alcohol or vinegar on the affected area may also help in relieving these problems too. Meat tenderizer with water or vinegar in order to form a paste and spreading it over the affected area may also help. Some people equally claim the rolling a deodorant or antiperspirant over the area may help. The use of Visine or lemon juice is also rumored to work in some quarters. If everything else fails you may try an oatmeal bath.

    Something you can also try is rubbing a wet bar of soap over your bite until you have formed a paste. In some cases you may have to wet the bite and place some salt on it. Dabbing witch hazel on the bite also has some effectiveness as will painting the bite over with nail polish in order to relieve the symptoms. If you are at work you should try and place a piece of scotch tape over the bite for a period of time.

    Other than just relief, the primary reason behind these remedies is to control the itching so that it does not lead to bleeding, scabbing or any other infections that may be secondary in nature. Remember that while you may look at mosquitoes like mere pests, they may actually lead to fatal consequences. Diseases they may transmit include mosquito borne encephalitis, malaria, and West Nile virus. Some simple protection goes a long way in helping you sort out the problem.

    Darren Williger is an over-caffeinated, low carbohydrate eating, winemaking enthusiast who writes for MedicalNeeds.com, DifferentMedicine.com, and RemedyZone.Com