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    Mosquito bites certainly aren’t very fun. In fact, it’s about the only thing about a nice, bright outdoor summer day that makes you want to go back inside. Just an hour outdoor without mosquito protection can leave several itchy bites under poor mosquito conditions.

    The best way to treat mosquito bites is to avoid them! That means stay indoors as much as reasonably possible and when you do venture outside, cover your arms and legs with light fitting material. Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear long pants and sleeves. If you insist on being outdoors with a considerable amount of skin exposed, use a mosquito repellent.

    If these preventative measures don’t work and you’re left with a mosquito bite, there are some things you can do to mitigate the uncomfortable itching. Did you know that only female mosquitoes bite humans? They do this to get protein for making their eggs. When a mosquito bites you, she injects a saliva into your skin to help her intake blood more rapidly. It is this saliva that results in the familiar mosquito bump and subsequent itching; the human body is allergic to the saliva used by mosquitoes.

    To alleviate this itching, try placing ice directly on the mosquito bite. Avoid itching the bump at all costs, doing so will only increase the histamines in the area which leads to more discomfort and potentially infection.

    Antihistamine products can help decrease itching. These are recommended for use prior to bedtime. Do not take antihistamines during the waking hours as they can cause drowsiness.

    Calamine lotion is also effective in treating mosquito bites. For that matter, any anti-itch cream will prove effective in treating mosquito bites.

    Keep areas of skin with mosquito bites clean by washing with an anti-bacterial soap. Rubbing a bar of soap over the site of the bite can also help sooth itching.

    While mosquito bites are a nuisance, they very rarely result in any serious medical problem. Chances are itching will be your primary gripe regarding a mosquito bite, but if the area experiences swelling or development of a rash, it could be signs of a serious reaction. If you experience difficulty breathing, call 911 immediately.