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    We all know that mosquitoes are tyrants in the our playing field.  To our part of the food chain they are tyrants.  But what about in their world? Are there any reasons that mosquitoes would be missed if they were to actually extinct?

    Can we honestly say that mosquitoes are a benefit to nature? For the most part, and from our view point, we would probably say no. We know that they carry disease, spread it, infect us and other animals, and have the capability of breeding and reproducing at alarming rates. With all of these attributes being those of negative origin, how can there possibly be any good stemming from these ‘pests’?

    First of all, we must consider the industrial aspect. The repellant industry. This may seem less than credible in the mosquitoes defense but we can not deny it’s popularity. Repellant developing companies have become multi-million dollar companies. They offer a great service to us while offering protection. If mosquitoes were non-existent it would significantly impact the need for the repellant industry. Industry related jobs would be lost or suffer. Think about it. We would lose employees that help make, package, ship, transport, and deliver repellant products. There would be a great impact. Repellant products span across the board. There are a great number of manufacturers that have created their own brand of repellants. Some companies have hired specialists to do the work, therefore hiring outside influences to create their product. Don’t forget the generic brands and that compensation. All-in-all this shows only one aspect.

    What about the animals that have adapted to eating these creatures we consider pests. Many animals have adapted to eating, and thriving, from the consumption of this insect. The food chain would be highly impacted if mosquitoes were nonexistent.

    Mosquitos even aid in the pollenation of certain plants. It’s true. The majority of adult mosquitoes meet their nutritional needs are actually met by nectar from plants. Only females bite for a blood meal, and that is only for egg-laying purposes. When the adult mosquito consumes the nectar of the plant they are as useful in the pollenation of the plant as other species of insects, such as bee’s.

    Not only as a part of the food chain have they benefitted other species, but mosquitoes have also sparked creations and inspired inventors to design ingenious products. There is a product being tested and implemented that was inspired by the model of a mosquito’sbody. An invention that is being called an artificial pancreas for diabetic patients. The product uses parts that resemble the “tentacle” of a mosquitoes mouth to help patients experience pain free blood-sugar testing. There are even products being implemented for anesthetic purposes that use the chemical behind the painless  bite of a mosquito. The many inventions that have stemmed from the mosquito would not exist if the mosquito did not exist.