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    Mosquito. The one word that can make you itch just by hearing it. We all think that we know the basic facts of mosquitoes. They are pests that bite, buzz, and down-right aggravate.  Is this really all there is to know about the mosquito?

    One of the major misconceptions of this insect is that they all suck blood. But this fact is just not always true. The truth actually leads us to the realization of their mass population. Mosquitoes are a special insect indeed, and contrary to popular belief, only the adult females bite for a blood meal. Surprisingly enough the average adult mosquito actually survives on a diet consisting of plant material, such as nectar and juices.

    Female adults only feast on blood meals at a certain point in their reproduction stage. A few days before they lay their eggs they consume a blood meal to promote the health of the eggs by supplying them with protein. That is the only time they will bite for blood. Otherwise they are feasting on plants with the males.

    To be precise; there is one specific genus, or family, of mosquitoes that does not partake of blood meals at all. This particular classification of mosquitoes get plenty of protein when they are in the larvae stage so they do not need to ingest blood to produce healthy eggs. A few other mosquito families only feed on frogs, while others have been known to feed on other insects, and even other mosquitoes. Sounds strange, but it’s true.

    Ever wonder why a mosquito bite itches? And why you hardly catch them when they do bite? The mosquito is actually a fully equipped insect. When they bite, They inject a chemical that helps to reduce the pain of the bite and prevent clotting of the blood.  It seems like a very ingenious chemical. The person doesn’t know their being bitten until the mosquito is gone. The chemicals cause a delayed irritation in the skin and this is why itching occurs.

    It seems that these insects are more than buzzing, biting creatures. There are special intricacies to their design, and this design can sometimes work to our benefit. It is true that they do bite, the bites do itch, and we do get ‘bugged’ by them sometimes. The general concept that all mosquitoes bite is just not true, but that’s not to say that there aren’t quite a few of the bitters in populous. So no matter how interesting they may actually be, always remember the repellant when going into their territory.